Hi am Barry and am a hobby photographer and have been now for almost 3 years now.

Am slowly growing in confidence and quickly developing my photography skills and am finding the genres of photography that have captured my interests through the aid of practical assignments during my time as part of the school of photography and from my own personal adventures out and about around my home town and countryside.


I found photography at the right time in my life when I was looking to focus my mind on something new and change my lifestyle from the wild weekends that we have all had as a youth and to start a hobby that could slowly replace my love for playing football as my legs and body get older. I was offered a camera for the weekend by close friend who came round and ran me through the simple sides of how to use the camera then as the saying goes the rest was history…


Id say I like a natural style of photography and enjoy using the camera functions to create some memorable pictures to present. I do also enjoy the editing process which you can get lost in for hours developing interesting tweaks to my works. I enjoy this as my hobby but it always has the potential to be much more which is always exciting.


My normal photography style is landscapes or long exposure and am always on the look out for new walks that I can go on and bring along my dog Ozzie who you will also see is one of subjects I enjoy to capture! I live in Aberdeen but there are so many beautiful areas within the city and countryside that we have endless fun visiting and capturing some amazing pictures from sunsets down the beaches and night shoots round the city.


Its been a great experience so far and long may it continue and I thank you for taking the time to stop by and look at some of my work in my portfolio.